Terms and Conditions

Really Connect Ireland (RCI) Course Payment and Client Attendance T & Cs:

Persons intending to attend a course but who have not paid the full course fees within 5 working days of the course taking place will not be allowed to attend the course.

If RCI is informed in writing of a client’s inability to attend the Part 1 session of a specific course up to 5 working days before the course commences, the client will be offered a place at a future similar course at no further cost.

If RCI is advised of the inability of a client to attend Part 2 of the course within 2 working days before the course takes place, the participant will be offered a place on a future Part 2 session of the same course.

RCI has the right to cancel a scheduled Part 2 session if insufficient participants are able to attend (due to their own particular circumstances). An alternative course session will be offered to all participants. However, participants not turning up for the alternative course will not automatically have the right to attend a further course sessions without some additional cost.

Participants who have booked and paid for a course and both do not turn up at the course session and do not advise RCI of their inability to attend will not automatically have the right to attend alternative course sessions without further cost.

Only in the most extenuating circumstances will course fees or part fees (less the deposit) be refunded if a client cannot attend a session and in such circumstances, the decision of the directors of Really Connect Ireland is final.